Angel Card Readings

I began using angel cards and positive affirmation cards when I started teaching yoga. Not only did I enjoy using these cards personally, but I also used the cards during classes. As students would come into class, I would offer them the option of choosing a card before class and keeping the card at the top of their mat to refer to during class. Students appreciated drawing a card and every time someone drew a card, it was the exact message that they needed that day.  


Wanting to learn more about angel cards, I decided to take a course to learn more. I found out about the Certified Angel Card Reader program available from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and completed their course in 2015.  Wanting to further my studies on angels, I also completed the Certified Angel Guide program in 2020 with Kyle Gray. I am currently a part of Kyle Gray's Angel Team to learn even more about how to help others in their journey towards working with their spirit guides, angels and ascended masters.

I am currently looking for volunteers to allow me to hone in on my skills on angel card readings. If you are interested in a complimentary reading, please contact me at

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